Badass Balloons " Congrats On the Baby!" 12" Latex Singles

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Design: Congrats on the Baby. Sympathies to your Vagina. 

•Natural latex balloons
•100% Biodegradable
•12 inch, 3.2g balloon
•Helium grade
•Gender Assorted Colors (Gender Neutral: All Colors; Boy: Blue, Yellow, Green, White; Female: Pink, Yellow, White)

Standard float time - 8/9 hours, if kept in a steady temperature.
Sun, heat and rain will reduce your float time.

Add Hi-Float to keep your latex floating 1 to 1.5 days!

*Price doesn't include helium or hi-float, please select the box at the top to include both or one.

*Please note that the photos above are for illustration only and the final product colors may vary, as the colors on your computer screen will read differently than the colors that will print. 

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